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Aim & Vision


To initiate professional social work education in central India.
To impart professional social work education at graduation and post graduation level.
To promote employment/self employment opportunities for the students by emparting education in various job oriented fields of social work at post graduate level.
To cultivate value based professional outlook by including appropriate knowledge, skills, attitude and aptitude to trainees.
To provide the trainees an opportunity to learn to serve the community through various extension activities undertaken by the college, such as N.S.S., women employment, community awareness and development programme.
To promote awareness among the Urban, Rural, and Tribal people about their right and obligations.
To provide affordable professional education focusing on quality of opportunity to all sections of society.

Core Values

1) Excellence :- We promote continuous improvement, encourage, coordination, creativity, innovation and collaboration among students as well as faculty.
2) Teamwork :- Teamwork enables us to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently than tackling work individually.
3) Encouragement :-Encouragement provides quantitative thinking, effective communication , ethical decision making.
4) Value Based Ethics :- We continuously assess and enhance our policies to ensure that our work increases the value of the college and society.
5) Transparency :- We believe in having complete transparency at all levels of hierarchy to promote a healthier working atmosphere to all.
6) Honesty :- We focused on trustworthiness and honesty to ensure that all people of association.

To Facilitate learning opportunities and transform rural talent into professional social workers transform rural talent into professional social workers.

To impart value based quality social work education.
To provide social work education for both personal and social transformation.